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Trong ngày 3-5-2012 đã có email giả danh JBP Admin mail đến các nhà đầu tư JBP với nội dung thông báo chương trình mới của JBP kèm link có chứa các mã độc nhằm chiến đoạt tài khoản của các nhà đầu tư.
Vậy các bạn đặc biệt lưu ý,để bảo đảm an toàn,JBP đề nghị các bạn tuân thủ các biện pháp sau :
-Không chia sẻ thông tin tài khoản (ID) trên mạng xã hội.
-Dùng Gmail là tốt nhất để bảo mật.
-Sử dụng RoboForm.

-Đặt mật khẩu có độ khó cao.

Dưới đây là ví dụ về một email giả danh,các bạn lưu ý phần tô đậm :
From: JustBeinPaids Owner [mailto:[email protected]justbeinpaids.com]
Date: Thusday, 3. May 2012 18:02
An: [email protected]justbeinpaids.com
Subject: (^_^) JSS-Triplers New Program Going to over hundreds days-Strengthens Its Expertise!
(^_^) JSS-Triplers New Program Going to over hundreds days-Strengthens Its Expertise!
Welcome to all our new program!
Goldxinvest now has just launched new program–
growing by over 2,00 new new members
a day. Thanks to all our sponsors our
viral growth continues.
JustBeenPaids! (JBPs) and its related
programs — including JSS-Triplers,
JBP’s Synergy Surf (JJSS), and our
Newly Launched Investment program– are licenced under
United States Patent 6,578,010:
As our growth continues, it helps all
our members earn with new trend:
The most important thing for new program
to realize is that you can earn a great
deal with JSS-Tripler. On our Blog you
can see that our top earner has earned
more from our new program:
One reason for our strong growth is
that the JSS-Tripler / JSS combination
is an indefinitely sustainable system:
start earning today!
Please tell your friends that if they still
not create their accounts in our new program,
Another most important thing to grasp
is that our top earners earn the kind
of money they do because they operate
those with lesser earnings.
The good news is that whatever your
you can become more competent and increase
your earnings. It may take MASSIVE
ACTION, but the chances are that YOU
Nobody else I know of can pay commissions
this high!
10% extra bonus on each deposit today & celebrate successful 100 days of this highyield.
You’ll need to make an account in our new program.
Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann
P.S. I challenge you to find any program
that’s easier to make money with than
new program.
This New is likely to become
“the program everyone in the know joins.”
If you join immediately, you can tell
your friends and contacts about it…
before they join under someone else.
Don’t Wait More:

Author: administrator

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